Strategic Inspired Healing

Empowering Transformations for Healthier Homes and Families

Empowering Transformations for Healthier Homes and Families


Michelle,  She Sells Healthy

I use a technique that I call Strategic Inspired Healing which combines my background and experience in the health sciences with the applied kinesiology and quantum energy healing techniques that I have learned while studying with an internationally known master healer. It is a way to get to the root cause of what may be causing your symptoms (or your kid’s symptoms) and work on changing that so that your health can start to improve.

Now don’t get discouraged, but usually, there is a combination of physical and emotional factors from your environment, family patterns, and biology. I can help you to sort through the noise and find what needs to shift today. We can identify easy and affordable things to try in your home to make your family healthier.

There is no single product or system that you can buy that will make you healthyOnly you can do that through your own actions and your healthy choices.

What I can do is to empower you to be healthier by helping you

  • develop a strategy to reach your goal
  • learn how to tap into your own inner wisdom
  • discover what your symptoms are trying to tell you
  • break out of your old patterns and start changing your life
  • find sustainable solutions that fit your lifestyle and your budget

When you give yourself permission to heal, it helps you to heal your family, your community, and your world. 

Contact me to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation to talk about how you can get started on  your healing journey. 

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Check out my Services and my Classes and Workshops to find other ways that I am helping to Empower you to be your healthiest self and supporting you while you make that transformation.

It can be overwhelming to read everything on the internet about health and wellness and how to create a healthier home.  

That is why I have created Consultation Packages that are designed to help you make decisions that are optimized to fit your budget and your lifestyle. I will work with you to create Action Steps that will help you to reach your Goals, and I will Support you throughout the process.

Or maybe you feel like you have already tried everything and it is just not working! I have private Empowering Transformation Sessions to help you move past the blocks that may be holding you back from living your true potential and that may be affecting your physical and emotional health (or the health of your children) and help you to identify ways to begin to transform and heal your life. 

If you have had enough with being sick and tired and you are ready to start making big changes in your life , check out my Inspired Healing at Home program that will guide you and support you on your healing journey.

Not sure where to start but this all sounds like something that is calling to you? Contact me to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation to talk about how I can best support you in your healing.