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Live Better With These Green Apps

green calculator

Your smart phone and tablet can help you do more than gain a high score on Candy Crush or catch the latest online deal. Head to the Google Play store or the App Store to check out a myriad of useful apps for the environment. They’ll help you live a bit healthier and also show you some ways to cut spending around the house.

If you’ve been dabbling at a greener home life, apps like PaperKarma and Home Composting will guide you through plenty of “how-to’s.” Some apps will even help in tracking your personal energy and carbon usage.

Traveling to the great outdoors? Check out the Sierra Club Trail Explorer and take on one of over 40,000 trails in their database based on your current location. Some people have vast knowledge of the foliage surrounding them, while others don’t know the difference between poison oak and a japanese maple. If you’re part of a conversation that ends with “What tree is that?,” download the Arbor Day Foundation’s app with the same name. It would be a wonderful way to landscape a new yard with just the right items.

For a complete list of environmental and sustainable lifestyle apps, check out this article that links to many free or low cost options.