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Are you Sacrificing your Health for Soft Clothing?


There is nothing quite like taking a warm towel out of the dryer after a long relaxing shower and then hopping into a bed of freshly cleaned sheets. However, this common habit may be causing more damage to your health than you would expect.

Commercial fabric softeners are one of the most dangerous cleaning products for your health because fabric softeners are filled with harmful chemicals that come into contact with our skin when we use them on our clothing, towels and blankets. Fabric softener products are designed to stay in fabrics to give them a soft feel until their next wash. As a result, you are exposing yourself to these chemicals virtually 24/7.

Fabric softeners are not only dangerous when they come into contact with one’s skin, but also when they are inhaled. For instance, the negative affects of commercial fabric softeners are intensified by the heat from the dryer which also affects the health of your neighbors when the chemicals are aerosolized out your dryer vent.

So what chemicals are actually contained in fabric softeners? To name of few: Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Acetate, Ethanol, Limonene, A-Terpineol, Ethyl Acetate, Camphor, Chloroform, Linalool, Pentane and Tallow. You may or may not be familiar with these chemicals, but they can cause significant damages to your health:

In order to cover up the strong scent from all these chemicals, fabric softeners are created with large amounts of scented fragrances to mask the smell and keep your clothing smelling good. However, these scented fragrances at such a high concentration are not beneficial to your health.

Like most things in our world there are various natural solutions to this fabric softener dilemma. If you can’t live without your fabrics being extra soft, there are natural ways to achieve the same softness without the harmful chemicals:

To find all natural fabric softeners, make sure to go to your local health store. Remember to double check the ingredients before purchasing them!

Call Michelle to find out other ways that dangerous chemicals may be part of your household routine and find alternatives that will help you start to feel better.

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