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Empowering Transformations: What to Expect in your Private Session



You can schedule a private session to learn more about how to tune in to what your body is trying to tell you.  You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. Sessions can be scheduled over the phone.

What to Expect in your private empowering transformation session.

  • First, we talk about what you are experiencing (physically, mentally, and emotionally) and how you feel that it is keeping you from reaching your goals.
  • I create safe space for healing and I help you to ground more fully and to feel more balanced.
  • We can then focus on where you are feeling blocked so that you can break out of old patterns and beliefs.
  • Then I use a combination of applied kinesiology and strategic quantum energy healing techniques to identify the root cause of the issue that you want to heal today, and release those blocks and replace them with positive patterns for improved health.

During your session, I also teach you techniques that you can use for yourself and your family to continue to enjoy improved health in between sessions. These techniques are tailored to you, but can include:

  • Exploring and Transforming Symptoms to discover what they can tell you about your real needs and how to meet them.
  • Stress Management Strategies, activities that ease tension and relax the mind. Reducing stress also improves your overall health by improving the functioning of your digestion and your immune system.
  • Containment tools which provide a way for you to create boundaries and feel emotionally safe.
  • Self-nurturing, and self-care activities to help you to maintain your sense of self-value
  • Emotional Safety Techniques and Grounding Techniques to help you feel more fully present and avoid being re-triggered by memories from the past.

Read this testimonial of the Empowering Transformation that my client had after just one session!

I went to college to study health, but found that most of what we learned were details about different kinds of diseases. We studied the ways to promote health and prevent disease and we were taught to identify ways to intervene at earlier stages, before they had symptoms or the disease had progressed. The earlier you could intervene, the better.

I got into the habit of looking at disease patterns and looking for the root cause. The problem is that there is often a complicated story that includes their environment, their underlying health, their family patterns, and social and behavioral components. Sometimes it can be a long and frustrating process to find out what is causing your symptoms.

In my personal story, I became discouraged after undergoing years of medical tests and exploratory surgeries that still did not explain my symptoms. So I continued to study the determinants of health and found more holistic models that finally explained how emotional wounds can manifest as symptoms in certain energy centers of the physical body, so that I could truly heal and not just take another pill to numb the pain so that I could function. Read more about my story here.


I attended business and health workshops that show you how to identify your patterns or your self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your goals, but they do not know how to release them energetically. There are books and training programs that help to raise your awareness of what you are attracting, but they do not show you how to change the way that you think and feel.

I had learned about my patterns and my self-limiting beliefs, but before I had my first energy healing I had not realized that I could really let go of the stories that were no longer serving me and that it was possible to stop being in pain. During my first healing session I was blown away by how much I was able to heal from physical conditions that I had suffered from for years without a cure.

For the past few years I have been studying a variety of techniques and apprenticing with a Master Healer so that I can help you start to benefit from this kind of transformation in your own life.



Contact me today to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to learn more.



Disclaimer: The information contained in this website or provided through our programs and/or services is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice from your physician, midwife,  or other health care or mental health professional.


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