Strategic Inspired Healing

Empowering Transformations for Healthier Homes and Families

About Michelle

I created Sustainable Solutions for Healthy Homes as a consultation and educational resource for my community in and around SarMichelle Photoatoga Springs, NY. In the past few years I have added to my training by apprenticing with a Master Healer and have developed my own technique that I call “Strategic Inspired Healing” which is my own combination of epidemiology, doula training and spiritual energy work. Read More Here

With my background in Science, Public Health, Education, and Real Estate as well as my experiences as a mother of four and a doula, I am uniquely qualified to help you find healthy solutions for you and your family.

My focus is not only on preventing disease but on promoting and preserving health. Your health affects everything else that you are able to do and accomplish. I am constantly looking for ways to promote health both globally and in my local community.

When I look at patterns of health and disease, I am constantly looking to find ways to help people in the most effective way. Since the health of the womb affects you more than any environment will for the rest of your life, I have concentrated a lot of my work on supporting mothers and babies. I also volunteer my time to mentor women and girls to be more empowered to make healthier choices for themselves. And since women are often the caretakers both at home and in their occupations, this has global implications.

I struggled for years with physical pain and other symptoms that could not be diagnosed and none of the traditional treatments helped.   I became discouraged after undergoing years of medical tests and exploratory surgeries that still did not explain my symptoms. So I continued to study the determinants of health and found more holistic models that finally found the root cause so that I could truly heal and not just take another pill to numb the pain so that I could function.

When I became a mother it was even more important that I learn how to be healthy for my kids. As I looked for ways to heal myself and my family  I found some amazing women that became mentors and teachers on my journey.  I  learned about my patterns and my self-limiting beliefs, but before I had my first energy healing I had not realized that I could really let go of the stories that were no longer serving me and that it was possible to stop being in pain. During my first healing session I was blown away by how much I was able to heal from physical conditions that I had suffered from for years without a cure.

For the past few years I have been studying a variety of techniques and apprenticing with a Master Healer so that I can help my clients to benefit from this kind of transformation in their own life.

I now share with my clients the knowledge and experience that I gained on my own healing journey combined with my years of study. 

science and spirituality


I hold classes, workshops and support groups monthly and I am available for private consultations or speaking engagements at your local organization or company by appointment.

Do you want to know about my story? Read more about the inspiration for my work.

What is it like to work with me? Read this testimonial.


  • Bachelors of Science in Biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology from the University at Albany School of Public Health
  • New York State Permanent Teacher’s Certification in Secondary Science Education
  • Adjunct Professor in Science, Public Health and Business
  • NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, BOLD graduate (Business Objective: A Life By Design)
  • NYS Department of State Approved Technical Instructor for Continuing Education for Real Estate Agents, Appraisers and Home Inspectors.
  • Professionally trained Doula and Certified Continuing Education Instructor
  • Professionally trained in Conscious Transformation and Healing by an internationally known Energy Healer and Master Teacher

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