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A Journey Towards Healing in Three Trimesters

Book 1: The Birth of Magdalena

I wrote the book The Birth of Magdalena about healing your wounds and finding your power. It is a story about a journey, shared in hopes of inspiring other women on their own journeys towards healing . We do not only carry our own wounds with us, we are carrying the effects of wounds that went unhealed through generations of women in our families. But, just stopping to take the time to understand that, we can break free from our old patterns and take a step forward, breaking the cycle for ourselves, our daughters, our world.

I realize that birth is not part of everyone’s story, but it was a huge part of my story. Birth can teach us so much about life, love and ourSelves! Birth is so much more than a way to bring babies into the world…but how we birth and how we bring our babies into our world shapes so much of their life, and ours, and the World.

Birth is such a great chance to learn and to grow. But there are also… other mountains to climb, other challenges to overcome…other chances to say “NO” to being a victim, say “NO” to a system that doesn’t work, say “NO” to what family and society needs and go inside yourself and say “YES” to yourself and what you need. Say “YES” to love and to light…and keep Birthing THAT into our World!

This book is a shining example of the power of women to transform themselves with their ability to walk through the flames toward healing from within.   The author’s willingness to open completely to the vulnerable place necessary to share her own raw process is such a unique gift.  She offers her own experience as an inspiration for others to follow their own path to a more authentic and whole self.  There is nothing I love more in my midwifery practice than to see exactly this sort of transformation.  Michelle has truly taken her own inner work to a new level in order to offer it up to the world.”

-Heidi Ricks, CM, LM

7 Steps into Becoming Your True Self

Book 2: Magdalena Moments

Are you ready to surrender the things in your life that cause you pain? Can you let go? It’s easier said than done.

I find that trust and surrender are the hardest stage of the healing process. I feel like when people see me at this stage, they don’t understand how many steps I took to get here. I want to share the message that you can heal. You don’t need to be in pain. There are simple things that you can try in the comfort of your own home as you practice moving outside of your comfort zone and stepping into being your full self. I hope that my journey inspires you to take steps on your own healing journey.

Magdalena Moments is the anticipated sequel to The Birth of Magdalena, both very intimate accounts of trauma and recovery, of birth and postpartum, and of raising children and the opportunity for deep personal discovery that parenting provides. Magdalena Moments takes the reader on yet another transformative journey of self-discovery by the author, through personal experiences examined through the lens of courage, faith and love. The author writes with honesty and wisdom, revealing her wide-open heart and her deep authenticity, which encourages the reader to explore their own. The structure of the book takes us on a journey through the body’s 7 Chakras, as they correlate to the author’s 7 Mothering Missions, and each of the 7 chapters contain interactive exercises which help forge a path to our own discoveries. Mb Antevasin’s powerful journey is one that encourages the reader to embark upon their very own. Magdalena Moments is the lantern we can use to light our way.”

-Tisha Graham CPM, ICCE, ICD, CLC

Coming Home to Your Soul’s Purpose

Book 3: Magdalena Manifests

This book is in process.

Michelle writes under the name Mb Antevasin. The word Antevasin is the perfect description for a spiritual seeker, living on the border between worlds and she literally lives right at the border of the city and the country on a beautiful property with a waterfall running through it. More importantly, she lives at the intersection between science and spirituality, incorporating what she has learned from both to live authentically and bring more love, joy and healing to the world.