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Continuing Education Workshops

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Previously approved CE workshop details are listed below, but you can also contact me to create a custom workshop for your organization or your profession.


The Following Workshops have been Approved for Continuing Education Hours:

Birth Support for Survivors


This is a Continuing Education Workshop for Women Professionals who Support Women in the Childbearing Years. (Doulas, Midwives, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors etc.)

(Approved for 7 hours DONA Continuing Education credits)

Learn more about the prevalence and significance of this important public health issue and its impact on birth, practice techniques to use with clients and go home with tools to sustain you in this important work.

Physical, Emotional, Sexual Abuse Survivors

Childhood Abuse or Trauma

Previous Traumatic Birth

Cesarean and VBAC

Medical Trauma


  • Introduction: Why Birth Matters, Awakening/Healing or a Re-traumatization
  • Experiences/interactions with clients with history of abuse or trauma
  • Prevalence, Statistics, Overview of Physical Symptoms/Red Flags
  • Your Role in working with survivors
  • Self-Healing Techniques (for yourself and to teach your clients)
  • Major Barriers to Effective Communication by Caregivers
  • Practicing better ways to communicate with Survivors
  • Universal Tools for Healing
  • Your Take Home Plan

Some Thoughts From Workshop Attendees:

“I loved all the concrete ideas and visualizations. Words to use, how to talk with women. All the information was relevant to all clients. A good reminder about how to stay present.”
“Content and materials were well researched and clearly presented in ways that appealed to multiple learning styles. Good balance of making this work relevant both to my own journey and for my clients.”
“This was absolutely amazing! I feel empowered, ready, and able to support women through their challenges in birth. You were wonderful and let us organically explore all the topics.”
 “I am so glad this this workshop is spreading the word about this and providing training on ways to support birthing women.”
“Held such safe space for sharing. Tons of good advice and tools to use with clients as well as ourselves.”
“Thank you for taking the time to help us grow professionally and for sharing your journey with us.”
“Really enjoyed information and expertise from personal experiences and research. Thank you so much for your time and your open heart.”


The Role of Massage Therapy for Healing Abuse and Trauma


Approved for 7 Hours CE for LMT

This didactic course includes experiential learning and exploration of topics around working with survivors of abuse and trauma in a therapeutic setting. The facilitator has a background in Public Health and Education and will review the Prevalence and Significance of this epidemic and the implications for your practice. The workshop will cover the science of how Abuse and Trauma affects your client’s health and tools and strategies to use while supporting your clients on their healing journey. You will also learn how to prevent vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue to avoid burnout so that you can continue this important work.

Learning Outcomes/Objectives:

  1. Learners will be able to understand the similarities and differences between Abuse/Trauma and Chronic Stress and describe the physical and emotional aspects of Abuse and Trauma, and why the treatment session is such a vulnerable time for abuse/trauma survivors and how Trauma manifests in the body and how can massage can play an important role in the healing process. Learners will be able to give examples of scenarios in which the session can be healing for survivors, or another form of traumatization.
  2. Learners will appreciate the prevalence of this public health issue and understand the significance for their role in providing support for clients, understand the physical health implications of a history of abuse or trauma and be able to identify some Red Flags that they should be aware of in their work with clients.
  3. Learners will identify how survivors might internalize the messages that they have embodied because of their past experiences and how they manifest as physical symptoms in the body and complete a body mapping exercise to connect the concepts to their own physical experience.
  4. Learners will be able to identify the Major Barriers to Effective Communication by Caregivers and be able to practice Compassionate Listening when working with vulnerable clients
  5. Learners will be able to give examples of their role in supporting survivors by establishing trust and creating safe space during sessions and will be able to define a Trigger and give examples for how they can impact the massage therapy session. Learners will identify tools to use at the beginning, middle, and end of the treatment session.
  6. Learners will be able to define compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma and give examples of how it could impact their professional experience and ability to support survivors and practice techniques to stay grounded and protect themselves energetically while in treatment sessions and in between appointments.
  7. Learners will identify any areas in which they still need to work on their own healing and identify ways in which they can nourish and sustain themselves to do this important work of supporting others and leave with a written plan for Self-Care and be inspired to apply what they have learned in this workshop to their Support of Survivors

Some Thoughts From Workshop Attendees:

“Thank you so much Michelle! It was a wonderful class and gave me SO much to think about in my own practice as a newer LMT. You truly went above & beyond for us-  Thank you again for all your hard work!” 
“I want to thank you for encouraging us to make a plan..I made a plan that night..the Monday after, I had to utilize this plan..words cannot express my thanks!”


Create, Communicate & Deliver Value to Your Massage Clients


Approved for 7 Hours CE for LMT

Course Description:

In this didactic workshop you will create a Unique Value Proposition so that you can more efficiently and effectively be of service to your ideal client. Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship principles will be applied directly to your massage business with a focus on ways to communicate your unique combination of skills through your offerings. You will also practice techniques to avoid burnout so that you can thrive in your practice. This workshop will be of value to massage therapists that are launching their business or that are looking to redefine their offerings to be more aligned with their purpose.

Learning Outcomes/Objectives:

  1. Learners will be able to create a map of their offerings and how they can connect with potential clients and share their expertise. This includes working on your Elevator Pitch, Call to Action, Marketing Funnel, Menu of Services and Growth Plan.
  2. Learners will be able to give examples of ways in which they can communicate their unique value proposition in a manner that is honest, dignified, accurate and representative of services provided.
  3. Learners will understand the importance of communication skills to their massage practice and will practice techniques for transforming their messages into more empowering language. Both written and verbal communication skills are vital to business success and are the number one thing that employers list as essential career skills.
  4. Learners will understand the difference between efficiency and effectiveness and how to create balance between the two to reach their professional goals. Time-management techniques including how to plan, organize and prioritize work will be covered.
  5. Learners will be able to define stress and understand the health effects of short and long term stress as well as develop skills for increasing resilience and adaptability. Leaners will identify ways in which to create boundaries in their professional practice to reduce stress and prevent burnout.
  6. Learners will be able to map out a plan for raising awareness of the health benefits of massage and educating their clients both during and in between sessions.
  7. Learners will create a clear vision of how to move towards their goals for their massage practice and will be confident in their ability to take steps towards implementing their plan.


 Sustainable Housing and Building Green

Sustainable Solutions for Healthy Homes - Photo byMichael Coghlan

Sustainable Solutions for Healthy Homes – Photo byMichael Coghlan

Approved for New York State CE for Real Estate Salespersons, Home Inspectors, and Real Estate Appraisers

(Real Estate (7.5) Appraisal (7.5) Assessor (7.0) Home Inspector (8.0))

About the Class:

In today’s Real Estate market more and more consumers are requiring energy efficiency and green components in their homes and businesses. Sustainable Housing and Building Green: What Agents Should Know will introduce real estate licensees to the concept of sustainability and building green to help them quantify and better market these features for their sellers and identify them for their buyers.

Some Thoughts From Workshop Attendees:

“I think as I mentioned to you in class this is cutting edge information and I appreciate the class and your instruction which was very well done!”
“It was a very informative class. You obviously know your stuff.”