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Client Testimonial

Hi Michelle– I would probably describe the session as: I felt like it was breaking up all the adhesions of all my old patterns of thoughts and feelings that my body and mind was holding on to.  The day of the session and then the next couple of days I was bombarded with lots of emails and decisions I had to make, so I was worried that was going to block my ability to integrate the healing.  But I was pleasantly surprised that I felt more able to stay centered and not get swept into the drama that I would have easily been swept into before.

I think what was most significant for me in the days following was that I would wake up and feel a lightness in my chest– like a weight had been lifted that I had been carrying around.  In the evening before going to bed I felt like I was going to bed with just the purpose of closing the day and not with the sad feeling that I was exhausted from myself and my thoughts.  It was a really exhilarating feeling to just feel more light and conscious in my own mind.

Before, I always felt like the work I did on improving myself was like cleaning house before guests show up– just hiding the mess behind the couch and in places that no one would see.  This session actually felt like a spring cleaning of the soul.

I had a lot of energy 5-6 days later and I wanted my environment to match the changes I felt on the inside.  I rearranged a lot of furniture in my bedroom and living room and de-cluttered the house.  I felt more comfortable being alone and not needing people to make me feel better or distract me.


What you said about giving love to your scars and body … I focused on including that in my thoughts.  Every time I caught a glimpse of my reflection and my mind would give those critical thoughts of what I don’t like… (like my thighs…lol)  I immediately responded with a thought that I loved that body part and how that body part has been good to me.  It does change my self-perception.  The week following the session I had decreased cravings for chocolate and just snacking in general.  That thought helped me unlock more understanding of ideas that I have read before about self-fulfilling prophecy and abundance.  I enjoyed the ideas in “The Secret” and loving yourself was a component, but I was lacking true understanding when it comes to the body and health.  What you helped me to see about things that I was thinking of as “coincidences” in my life helped me understand the familiar patterns playing out in my own life and how it relates to my mother, grandmother, and sisters.

Several times in the week following the session I felt the urge several times to quiet myself and meditate.  During the session with you on the phone I felt my chest expand and taking in deep breaths. I would recommend this to anyone who is at a place of welcoming these types of changes within themselves.  I felt like a calmer person that could be more present as a mother and wife.  My mind slowed and I felt less urge to talk.  It also made me more aware of the work I need to do for healing and what I want to work on more.

I know our session was very beneficial and life-changing for me.

During our session I said I should treat myself again every few months, because after experiencing it I feel it is something that is worth-while paying for…

I know I’ve just touched the iceberg of how I can be– how life can be.  THANK YOU– I AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR TIME AND ENERGY in this.  -Nicole


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