Sustainable Solutions for Healthy Homes

Empowering Transformations for Healthier Homes and Families through Strategic Inspired Healing

Private Healing Session

Take an empowering step out of your old patterns and transform into a happier, healthier You.

The person that you were always meant to be. 

  • Do you want to improve your health or the health of your family?
  • Are you looking for support and nurturing while you blossom into your true self?
  • Are you searching for the root causes of your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs?
  • Do you want to live with less stress, guilt, shame and pain?
  • Are you ready to heal from the effects of trauma or grief?
  • Do you want to feel more calm and in control of your busy life?

As you begin your own healing, the ripples go out and help to improve the health of your whole family. 

I have been professionally trained in Conscious Transformation and Healing by an internationally known Energy Healer and Master Teacher. In your private session I will help you to identify the patterns and the blocks that may be holding you back from living your true potential and that may be affecting your physical and emotional health and help you to identify ways to begin to transform and heal your life.

Want to read more about What to Expect in your private session?

60-90 minute Private Transformational Session over the phone – call for pricing

Contact me at to schedule your  Free -15 minute phone consultation to see if this is the right solution for you.

Read this testimonial of the Empowering Transformation that my client had after just one session!


Disclaimer: The information contained in this website or provided through our programs and/or services is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice from your physician, midwife,  or other health care or mental health professional.


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