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Postpartum Healing Circle

Unpacking from the Journey of Birth

For postpartum mothers or mothers who are preparing for another birth to learn techniques to let go of what no longer serves them and begin to heal as they work through any unresolved issues, no matter how long it has been.

 Have you ever taken a trip and when you got home you were so tired from the journey that you never had a chance to really unpack?

Have you gotten home and been bombarded with new challenges and found that you didn’t really need that stuff anymore, so it just sat in the bag?

Have you packed for another trip and just grabbed that old travel case without even looking to see what is in there that you may not need anymore?

When we are on the journey of birth and becoming a mother it can be much the same.

But in addition to the new challenges in our lives, we also have new emotional, physical, and spiritual changes and challenges that we need to address.

If we do not have the chance to process and integrate those feelings, it can feel like we never really unpacked from that trip. And we keep carrying that baggage with us.

When we hold on to what no longer serves us, it can affect our relationships, our mothering, and our own health as well as the health of our families.

Come for support if you are:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, isolated or in over your head.
  • Have not given yourself enough permission to feel
  • Have been too busy to stop for a moment and really process your birth experience


What to Expect:

This is about giving yourself the time and the space to integrate those feelings while learning to let go of what no longer serves you so that you can begin healing.

This is a mother-centered gathering facilitated by an experienced mentor.

We practice open-hearted, active listening and support mother’s intuition.

We help you learn new ways to tap into your inner knowing.

Our goal is to nurture and support you on your journey while introducing you to tools and resources that can help you with your challenges.

This is an open session for women who have given birth and who are preparing for birth.

  • If you have recently given birth and you are struggling to integrate all of your emotional and physical challenges while caring for a newborn, this is a great time to start this work.
  • If your birth was a few months ago or many years ago, but you do not feel like you ever really “got over it”, this is a safe space for you to share and see what you may need to do to heal.
  • If you are preparing for another birth and you feel that you have unresolved issues from your previous birth, this is a great place for you to work through those issues.

This is available for all women on the mothering journey, no matter where or how, or how long ago you became a mother. We support all mothers regardless of parenting style as long as your intention is to be the best mother that you can be given the knowledge and resources that you have available to you.

Babies are always welcome.


Topics are fluid but may include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Birth Stories
  • Postpartum Period
  • Bonding with Baby
  • Feeding and Newborn care
  • Nutrition for you and your family
  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Personal Transformations
  • Physical and Emotional Health

$10 or 25 per session. Pre-registration Required. Pay the amount that your family is comfortable with at this time.

Location: Family Life Center 20 Elm St Albany NY

Date and Time: 1st Wednesday, 6:30-8 pm.

Call at (518 )879-2197 or fill out the contact form below along with any questions you might have.


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