Sustainable Solutions for Healthy Homes

Empowering Transformations for Healthier Homes and Families through Strategic Inspired Healing

Healthy Homes, Healthy Babies

SSHHlogoFor Pre-Conception, Expecting and New Parents to learn how to reduce the toxins in your home environment that affect the health of you and your baby.

Regardless of whether you own your home, or are renting, there are action steps to take before conception, during pregnancy, and while raising your family that will make your home environment healthier for your family as well as minimizing your impact on the environment.

  • Why Children are at greater risk for the effects of environmental hazards in the home
  • Common Health Hazards in the home, prevention and simple and affordable solutions
  • Seven Principles of Healthy Homes and which projects you should do first
  • Overview of some energy and resource-efficient products, to fit every budget
  • How improving the home environment improves your quality of life and helps your community

What to Expect:

In this class there will also be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and explore topics that are of interest to your current situation.

It is so empowering to know that you have choices about the products that you bring in to your home.  There are simple and inexpensive solutions that can start to make a difference almost immediately. So if you are interested in finding sustainable ways to save money and be healthier, we’ll work together to develop the best long-term solutions for your home.

This class is for you if:

  • You are planning to start a family
  • You are currently expecting or have small children in your home
  • You are planning a renovation and want to choose healthy finishes
  • You are re-decorating and want to choose healthy home furnishings
  • You are Preparing to buy a home for your family

Parents, parents-to-be, and babies welcome.

Michelle brings to this class her experiences as a mother, a homeowner and a doula as well as her background in science education, public health, and real estate.


This topic can be scheduled as a talk for your organization, or as a private consultation.

Request More Information.  Call (518 )879-2197 or fill out the contact form below along with any questions you might have.


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